17th August 2021

Irish Department for Education Guidelines and Recommendations for CO2 Monitors

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Irish Department for Education Guidelines and Recommendations for CO2 Monitors

The Department of Education has issued guidelines about installing CO2 monitors in schools across Ireland. The use of CO2 monitors can provide a useful general indication that areas/rooms within a building may not be adequately ventilated and can enable occupants to become familiar with the impact that activities, outdoor weather and window openings have on levels of good ventilation within a room. This information can be used to inform strategies for improving ventilation.


  • The monitor should 0.5 metres away from people and should not be placed near windows or ventilation grilles.
  • The monitor can provide information to occupants to indicate levels of poor ventilation. Both the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers and the Air infiltration and Ventilation Centre advise that CO2 concentrations above 1400 – 1500 ppm are likely to be indicative of poor ventilation and therefore require ventilation to be increased by opening windows, doors etc.
  • The lower the CO2 reading the higher the level of ventilation present in multi occupancy rooms and the higher the ventilation dilution effect that is possible while maintaining an appropriate balance between ventilation and comfort levels.


You can download the guidance here.


Sharp Hygiene | CO2 Monitor and Alarms

Our CO2 monitor meet the requirements set out by the Department of Education, they are CE Approved and have a 3 year warranty.

They measure the CO2 concentration, humidity and temperature in a room. The level of CO2 in particular is an important indicator of a healthy indoor climate.

  • CE Approved
  • Portable as preferred
  • Electrically powered as preferred
  • Monitor the room at all times
  • Alarm to alert when air quality is poor

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