17th January 2022

Air Purifiers for Schools

Post by Sharp Hygiene

It is common knowledge that the quality of air that we breathe has a direct effect on our health and well-being.   As part of the Covid-19 response plan, The Department of Education has laid out clear guidance for the use of room air cleaners in schools and creches where poor air quality still exists.

Irish Department of Education Guidelines for HEPA Filter Air Purification

“Air cleaners can assist in removal control and provide an additional measure of precaution where poor ventilation exists. They should not be used to fully replace ventilation and should be used in conjunction with and to support other methods of ventilation that are available “

Full details of the minimum specification for HEPA Filters Air Purification can be found here.

In short, the Air Purifier must

  • Have a HEPA Filter with a certification of 13 or 14
  • Comply with EN1822
  • Change the air in the room at least 3 times in one hour
  • Not be too noisy

How to choose your Air Purifier?

When researching air purifier units, it is essential that you choose a unit that can fully clean all of the air within the room.  This is referred to as ACH (Air changes per Hour). To select the correct unit for your room, you will need to calculate the volume of your room.

Most air cleaners are labelled with a rate for CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate). You can calculate the air changes per hour by using the below equation.

Depending on the size of the room you may require more than one air purifier to meet the requirements set out by the Department of Education – Three Air Changes Per Hour.

Once you have found a unit that is suitable for your requirements, it is a good idea to check the life span of the filters within the Air Purifier and that the filters are readily available.

  Sharp Hygiene True HEPA Air Purifiers meet all the government requirements. They are CE Approved and come with a two-year warranty.

Our 99m2 True HEPA Filter Purifier is ideal for any classroom up to 52m2 with a ceiling height of 2.5m. More Information

This 4 stage Air Purifier will clean the indoor air from allergens, fine dust (PM2.5), pet dander, cigarette smoke, mould spores, VOCs, and household odours

  • Tested and certified by both ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research)
  • Cleans your indoor air with a 4-stage filtration system
  • Washable pre-filter
  • Carbon filter
  • True HEPA filter (99.97%)
  • On / Off Plasma Wave Technology – Does not produce harmful Ozone
  • Noise Rating 27-51dB

 Should your Classroom have particularly high ceilings you may wish to consider our 120m2 True Hepa Filter Purifier.  Based on a room with a ceiling height of 2.5m, this purifier will provide 3 ACH in a 63m2 room.  More information

 Need additional help choosing the right air cleaner? Feel free to https://sharphygiene.com/contact/contact our expert team who are on hand to answer any questions you may have and find a suitable solution for you.

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