1st March 2021

Case Study: Wetroom Materials

Post by Sharp Hygiene


Wetroom Materials (WM) are a wetroom company that supply Scandinavian wetroom systems to the UK and Irish markets. They introduce and educate architects and interior designers on wetroom detailing and specification, which is then fed through to the retail and construction industries. They work closely with clients to provide an unrivalled customer service.



Just like many organisations around the world, the Coronavirus pandemic has affected WM and the way in which they must operate to ensure employees and clients are kept safe. The possible threat of COVID-19 being brought into the workplace and transmitted throughout staff and clients, meant they had to implement measures into their health and safety protocols in order to prevent this from happening.

“From the beginning, WM knew that we would need to take action in order to keep our employees as safe as possible and also to ensure we could still deliver our products to customers. We introduced Sharp Hygiene’s Sanitising Stations throughout our workplace and implemented strict hygiene procedures.”

 Dermot Hughes, CEO WM


WM’s strict hygiene procedures included the use of Sharp Hygiene’s Hand Hygiene Stations in multiple locations, signage to remind employees of hand hygiene and regular cleaning of surfaces. WM also opted to introduce regular COVID-19 testing for employees with Sharp Hygiene’s Rapid Antigen Tests by Romed Holland. By providing access to COVID-19 antigen tests and encouraging regular testing, WM and their employees can be sure that no one is bringing the virus into the working environment and causing unnecessary transmission. Furthermore, they can reassure clients that it is safe to meet by informing them of negative results prior to any consultation, meetings that cannot be conducted via video calling platforms.

By offering the easy access to a COVID-19 test, a member of the WM team can quickly conduct the test themselves and get reliable results with 10-15 minutes, without taking time out of the day to travel to an external location. WM provide an allocated area for employees to take the test, before coming into contact with any other team member. The test is simple to complete, but instructions are provided with the product, or a short video is available online.


“The Sharp Hygiene Rapid Antigen Tests have allowed WM to continue to work during the COVID-19 pandemic, in an efficient and safe manner. WM is happy to be able to protect its employees and their families from the coronavirus.”

 Dermot Hughes, CEO WM



WM have seen first-hand how testing employees can benefit the company. Since the use of the COVID-19 tests, they have correctly identified an individual who was not showing symptoms but was carrying the COVID-19 virus. Once identified, WM and the carrier of the virus was able to act accordingly in line with government recommendations. The positive result was then supported with the results from a PCR test completed at an external location. The antigen test taken by the individual was able to detect the virus and prevent the carrier from transmitting the virus onto other members of the WM team, clients, and their families. This in turn did not have a large-scale impact on the organisation’s operations.


WM will continue to use Sharp Hygiene Rapid Antigen Tests and it’s other product offerings to reduce the spread of COVID-19 transmission within the workplace, and keep our employees and clients safe.

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