24th February 2022

Preventing Damp and Mould in Homes

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Have you been in a home with warped doors, peeled or blistered paint on walls, black spots or water on the window? Maybe this sounds like parts of your own home? The reason is simple; excess moisture and condensation, if this sounds like your home, a dehumidifier may be the solution.


What is a Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier extracts excess water from the air to reduce the humidity in the room. The extracted water is stored in a water tank or with some models you can connect a hose which will discharge the water.


Impact of high humidity to your home and health

High humidity over 60% can encourage mould and mildew, damage furniture, wallpaper, paintwork, floors, and brickwork. In an attempt to make homes as air tight as possible to improve heating efficiently, ventilation has reduced keeping moisture trapped in the home. It only takes some clothes drying or a wet coat hanging and you could start to notice condensation on your windows or over time, black spots on the wall or ceiling. Black mould can be dangerous, especially if you have raspatory issues like Asthma.

“Those who are allergic to moulds or are asthmatic may have more intense reactions, and mould or dampness may even lead to development of asthma in some individuals. Likewise, people with weak or compromised immune systems, chronic respiratory disease or underlying lung conditions are more likely to get infections from mould. Mould is a living organism and will continue to proliferate in the indoor environment as long the conditions favourable to it remain.”

RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors)



Reduce energy and save money by avoiding the Tumble Drier 

The average Irish household spends €468 on drying clothes, with the current energy crisis the price of electricity is expected to rise further. An 2500 watt tumble drier costs €0.60 to run per hour, based the average kWh price as of January 2022. A typical tumbler drier cycle is 90 minute (€0.90 per cycle) and the typically amount of washes for an Irish home is 10 per week.

Money can be saved by air drying your clothes, however this can cause damp in your home. By using a dehumidifier, you can prevent damp and save energy. At less that 200 watt, the Compact Dehumidifier uses 12 times less energy per hour.


How to reduce damp, mould, condensation and humidity in my home?

The simple answer is by ordering our Compact Dehumidifier. It is a compact and convenient dehumidifier, ideal for homes. It is equipped with an easy to use touch control display and is made with an environmentally friendly cooling media called R-290. The use of R-290 is significantly more energy efficient and greener than HFC gases. The compact Dehumidifier is capable of extracting 10 litres of water per day depending on temperature and relative humidity in the room. 


  • Very easy to use
  • Exhaust on top blow-dries laundry function
  • Works only when required with automatic shut off
  • Compact, quiet and energy saving
  • 1.8 litre water tank
  • Water hose connection option


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