22nd January 2021

What sanitiser should I be using during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Why is hand hygiene important?

If the coronavirus pandemic has taught is anything, it is to take care of ourselves, and by doing we take care of the people around us. Good hand hygiene is one of the three instructions given by the government and the NHS to control the spread of the virus, in the ‘Hands, Face, Space’ campaign. This blog will go into what we need to know about the sanitisers we are using to protect ourselves as best we can.



The Facts

Below are some facts that have been issued to let us know how we can practice the most effective hand hygiene possible:

  • “Frequent, thorough handwashing with soap and water is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and is the first line of defence against COVID-19” – Water Aid
  • “Alcohol based sanitisers require a 60% concentration to be effective against COVID-19” – WHO
  • “There are no hand sanitisers, including those containing Benzalkonium Chloride, that are legally marketed specifically for the prevention or treatment of covid-19” – FDA
  • “Non-alcoholic hygiene products are not as effective as alcohol based – they may just reduce the growth of germs, rather than killing them” – CDC

Alcohol and Alcohol Free

Do alcohol free sanitisers work as well as alcohol-based sanitisers? From the information above, given by globally respected organisations, we would say the answer is no. From the research and testing completed by such companies there is no clear evidence that alcohol free sanitiser kills the COVID-19 virus. In order for a sanitiser to be effective against COVID-19, it must contain an alcohol concentration of at least 60%.

Coronavirus is still relatively new and as further research and testing is completed, this information may change, providing us with more product options when sanitising our hands. But for now, stick to alcohol-based sanitisers and let’s fight against COVID-19.


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